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Maruti Ertiga Insurance

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Maruti Ertiga Insurance

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Maruti Ertiga Key Specifications


₹6.34 Lakhs onwards


17.03 to 25.47 kmpl


Manual, Automatic


1248 cc

Fuel Type

Diesel, Petrol, CNG

Seating Capacity

7 Seater


80.46 BHP


112 NM

​How to Buy Insurance for ​Maruti Suzuki Ertiga via InsuranceDekho

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Summary

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is a MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) with a robust body, spacious cabin and smooth ride quality. It is considered a value for money product due to its engine capacity of 1,462 cc and mileage of up to 18 kmpl and up to 26.8 km/kg. It is available in petrol and CNG variants with manual and automatic transmission. It comes in 7 variants and 5 different colours. The Ertiga is equipped with a diverse range of security features such as central locking, anti-lock braking system, anti-theft alarm, engine check warning, hill assist and many more.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Car Insurance

It is mandatory to own at least a third party car insurance plan, according to the Indian Motor Tariff. This is a policy cover which holds the minimum coverage that shields you against the financial liabilities towards a third party, which may occur due to an accident involving your car. To drive without an active car insurance policy is a punishable offence which can make you pay a fine of Rs. 2,000 and/or attract an imprisonment of up to 3 months.

Types of Insurance Cover

1. Third Party Cover

This is insurance coverage, which you at least required to own. It protects you against the financial losses incurred by the third party for bodily injury, death or property damage occurred due to an accident involving your car. The is a basic insurance policy that compensates for the expenses of property damage of up to Rs. 7.5 lakh.

2. Standalone Own-Damage Cover

This is an insurance plan to cover the expenses that may arise due to damage or any loss incurred by your car in a mishap or an accident.

3. Comprehensive Cover

This is an insurance policy which protects you against financial accountability that may occur due to third party expenses and own-damages, which may arise due to an accident or an unforeseen incident involving your car.

How to Buy Insurance for Maruti Suzuki Ertiga from InsuranceDekho

Visit the website of Insurance Dekho and find all the car insurance-related solutions. Follow the below steps and get a car insurance coverage for your Maruti Suzuki Ertiga:

Step 1: Visit InsuranceDekho

Step 2: Fill the number of your car in the “get your quote” segment. If you do not have a car number, you can also enter details like car brand, car model, fuel type, a variant of the car, registration year, registration location, etc., to get the quotes.

Step 3: Fill your name and mobile number to get the quotes for car insurance policies

Step 4: Select a car insurance quote according to your budget and requirements

Step 5: Payment for the chosen insurance policy and receive its documents through email.

Maruti Ertiga Variants with Insurance Premium Price

You can refer to the below table for an estimated premium for your Maruti Ertiga third-party/comprehensive car insurance plan. The premium varies as per the chosen variant of the car. Maruti Ertiga is available in 36 variants. The premium of an own-damage car insurance cover is decided by the insurance company and depends on multiple factors such as the car's cubic capacity (CC), make, model, variant, fuel type, RTO location & claim history.

Maruti Ertiga 1.5 ZDI Plus

1498 cc,Diesel

₹11.21 Lac

Maruti Ertiga 1.5 VDI

1498 cc,Diesel

₹9.87 Lac

Maruti Ertiga 1.5 ZDI

1498 cc,Diesel

₹10.70 Lac

Maruti Ertiga BSIV VXI AT

1373 cc,Petrol

₹8.68 Lac

Maruti Ertiga BSIV LXI

1373 cc,Petrol

₹6.34 Lac

Maruti Ertiga BSIV ZXI Plus

1373 cc,Petrol

₹8.85 Lac

Maruti Ertiga BSIV ZXI

1373 cc,Petrol

₹8.27 Lac

Maruti Ertiga CNG VXI BSIV

1462 cc,CNG

₹8.95 Lac

Maruti Ertiga CNG VXI

1462 cc,CNG

₹8.95 Lac

Maruti Ertiga BSIV VXI

1373 cc,Petrol

₹7.66 Lac

Maruti Ertiga LDI

1248 cc,Diesel

₹8.85 Lac

Maruti Ertiga LXI Petrol

1462 cc,Petrol

₹7.55 Lac

Maruti Ertiga LXI

1462 cc,Petrol

₹7.59 Lac

Maruti Ertiga SHVS LDI

1248 cc,Diesel

₹8.79 Lac

Maruti Ertiga SHVS ZDI Plus

1248 cc,Diesel

₹10.69 Lac

Maruti Ertiga LXI Option

1373 cc,Petrol

₹6.73 Lac

Maruti Ertiga SHVS VDI Limited Edition

1248 cc,Diesel

₹8.10 Lac

Maruti Ertiga SHVS LDI Option

1248 cc,Diesel

₹8.86 Lac

Maruti Ertiga SHVS VDI

1248 cc,Diesel

₹9.58 Lac

Maruti Ertiga Sport

1462 cc,Petrol

₹8.30 Lac

Maruti Ertiga SHVS ZDI

1248 cc,Diesel

₹9.95 Lac

Maruti Ertiga VXI AT

1462 cc,Petrol

₹9.36 Lac

Maruti Ertiga VXI Limited Edition

1373 cc,Petrol

₹7.85 Lac

Maruti Ertiga VXI Petrol

1462 cc,Petrol

₹8.17 Lac

Maruti Ertiga VDI

1248 cc,Diesel

₹9.87 Lac

Maruti Ertiga VXI AT Petrol

1462 cc,Petrol

₹9.19 Lac

Maruti Ertiga ZDI Plus

1248 cc,Diesel

₹11.21 Lac

Maruti Ertiga VXI

1462 cc,Petrol

₹8.34 Lac

Maruti Ertiga ZXI Petrol

1462 cc,Petrol

₹9.51 Lac

Maruti Ertiga ZXI AT Petrol

1462 cc,Petrol

₹9.96 Lac

Maruti Ertiga VXI CNG

1373 cc,CNG

₹8.27 Lac

Maruti Ertiga ZXI Plus Petrol

1462 cc,Petrol

₹9.41 Lac

Maruti Ertiga ZXI Plus

1462 cc,Petrol

₹9.71 Lac

Maruti Ertiga ZXI AT

1462 cc,Petrol

₹10.13 Lac

Maruti Ertiga ZXI

1462 cc,Petrol

₹9.17 Lac

Maruti Ertiga ZDI

1248 cc,Diesel

₹10.70 Lac

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Maruti Ertiga Car Insurance User Reviews

18 Reviews
Why did they insure their car with InsuranceDekho
  • Genuine feedback
    Super service, I appreciate their services. Fast, reliable, ...
    Acko General InsuranceBy RABIYA SULTANAOn:8th October, 2021
  • Best quote and fast processing
    They follow up well, you get best quotes and really fast processing that's all, you done ...................relax..........
    Acko General InsuranceBy Suraj Shrichand VadhavaOn:23rd August, 2021
  • Awesome experience loved it
    Good one, got my car insurance quickly renewed hassle free. Good to have multiple insurance brand in one place. I took 1...
    Acko General InsuranceBy CHANDRAKALA SOn:4th August, 2021
  • Problem solving approach
    I purchased an IFFCO Tokio car insurance policy to secure my Maruti Ertiga car from the InsuranceDekho platform. The exe...
    Read More
    Iffco TokioBy Shubham YadavOn:13th July, 2021
  • Unbiased platform
    While I was looking for an insurance plan for my Maruti Ertiga on InsuranceDekho, the uniformity of policy information m...
    Read More
    NaviBy Rimi Biswas On:7th July, 2021
  • very goody
    very good , excelent experiance, insurance dekho is very good exaperance for four wheeler car insurance dfasdfasd faf ...
    Read More
    New IndiaBy HARI NARAYAN SHARMAOn:17th June, 2021
  • Easy claim approval
    InsuranceDekho made claim approval for my Royal Sundaram Comprehensive car insurance policy issued for my Maruti Ertiga ...
    Read More
    Royal SundaramBy Supreet SinghaOn:31st May, 2021
  • Top insurance companies
    If you want to find out about policies from all the top insurance companies under a single platform, you must visit Insu...
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    Royal SundaramBy Elakshi Mahato On:23rd April, 2021
  • Uniformity of policy information
    InsuranceDekho maintains uniformity when it comes to providing policy information. All the policies are described in the...
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    Future GeneraliBy Jatin KashyapOn:26th March, 2021
  • Effortless inspection
    Before making a claim under Tata AIG car insurance policy issued for Maruti Ertiga, I made an inspection request to Insu...
    Read More
    Tata AigBy Akshay Debnath On:17th March, 2021
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Maruti Ertiga Car Insurance

  • 1

    What is the Car Insurance Plan for My Ertiga?

    The car insurance policy that is best suited for your car depends on your requirements. However, a good way to find the right policy and insurance provider is to compare different car insurance companies, the quotes they offer and their network of cashless garages. The claim settlement ratio of the insurance provider is also a good way to decide on which one to select. Here are some of the insurance providers with the highest claim settlement ratio:

    • Acko Car Insurance
    • Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance
    • Bharti AXA Car Insurance
    • Chola MS Car Insurance
    • IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance
  • 2

    Will Car Insurance Cover My Ertiga’s Windshield if it is Shattered in an Accident?

    The car insurance policy you have purchased must be either a standalone own-damage cover or comprehensive cover. However, in case the damage occurred due to some form of illegal driving the insurance provider will not compensate for the cost of the damage.

  • 3

    Does My Second Hand Ertiga Need Car Insurance?

    Yes, your second-hand Ertiga and every other car driving on Indian roads are all required to have at least a third party insurance policy. The policy covers third party liabilities including bodily injuries, death and property damage. The punishment for being caught without it is a fine of Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months.

  • 4

    What are the Factors that Affect My Ertiga’s Insurance Price?

    The insurance premium amount of a car is dependent on a number of factors but most prominently the Insured Declared Value of the car. The IDV is the maximum compensation the insurance company will pay the policyholder and is affected by the depreciation rate of the car.

  • 5

    How to Claim Car Insurance for My Ertiga?

    In case of a mishap, such as a road accident, vandalism or theft first file an FIR at the nearest police station. Inform the insurance provider about the situation as soon as possible and confirm the list of documents you need to provide. Submit the claim form duly filled along with the required documents. If the car is damaged and needs to be repaired the insurance provider will first send a surveyor. They will check the damage of the car, draw up a report after which your claim will go through a verification process before it can be approved. Once approved you can take it to the garage to be repaired.

  • 6

    What is NCB in Car Insurance for My Ertiga?

    The No Claim Bonus is a reward given to the policyholder by the insurance provider for a claim-free year. The NCB is cumulative in nature and goes up to 50% in the fifth year. The reward is only available with own-damage covers.

  • 7

    What is the Zero Depreciation Cover in Car Insurance for My Ertiga?

    A Zero Depreciation Cover is an add-on that can be purchased with standalone own-damage insurance or a comprehensive plan. It negates the depreciation rate of the car at the time of claim settlement. The add-on is only available for cars that are less than 5 years old and can only be used a limited number of times in a year.

  • 8

    How is IDV Calculated for My Ertiga in Car Insurance?

    The IDV of a car is calculated by deducting the depreciation rate of the car from the manufacturer’s selling price.

  • 9

    How to Renew Car Insurance Policy for My Ertiga?

    The easiest way to renew your Ertiga’s insurance policy is to do it online. Simply visit the InsuranceDekho website, Select the renewal tab under the car insurance drop-down menu. Enter the required details. The insurance policies in your category will be visible on the screen. Select the one that best fits your needs and make the payment for your policy. The policy document will be sent to your registered email ID.

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