Car Insurance Consumable Cover Add-On Helps To Save Money

Consumables in Car Insurance - When you think of comprehensive car insurance policy, you feel that you get an overall coverage for all the aspects and can make a claim for almost everything. However, this is not true when you go ahead to settle for the repair of certain parts, which fall under the category of consumables, and an insurance company does not pay for it. You can upgrade your basic car policy with a consumable cover and claim for the extended expenses.

First off, What are Consumables?

Consumables are certain parts and components of the car that goes through regular wear and tear, and hence can be used for a limited period. So these are basically those components that are consumed by the machines and cannot be re-used further. In other words, after a specific use or incidental dismantling of the vehicle, these parts are rendered useless. The consumable components in a car can be brake oil, engine oil, screws, washers, nuts, bolts, AC refrigerant, etc. These might look trivial but has relevant importance in the context of a car.

What is a Car Insurance Consumable Add-on?

Your comprehensive car insurance policy would not pay extra or compensate for any damages incurred on the consumable parts and accessories. During the time of claim settlement, you require to bear this additional amount from your pocket. To evade such financial burdens, it is wise to opt for the consumable cover in your vehicle insurance. In the connection of any damages due to a car accident, the add-on consumable cover will pay for the cost of the replaced or refilled consumables.

Does a Consumable Cover Cost Extra?

Well, in a comprehensive car insurance policy, you will not get this facility. Therefore, a car owner needs to pay a little extra for the premium to get coverage for the consumables in the car separately. The premium amount; however, can vary according to the model of the car.

This add-on arrangement in the comprehensive car insurance policy has a list of consumables like engine oil, nuts and bolts, gearbox oil, lubricants, oil filters, washers, power steering oil, grease, AC gas oil, radiator coolants, similar accessories except for car fuel.

Consumable Cover Conditions

Before opting for a consumable coverage, some certain terms and conditions are needed to be kept in the mind of the car owners. Firstly, this add-on feature does not hold valid for cars older than five years. Secondly, a car owner can only claim for the consumable damage incurred on a personal level and not for third party vehicle. Lastly, to make a claim valid, the damaged car must be repaired within three days from the date of the accident, as there is a time limit within which you need to fix your vehicle from the garage. Thus, make sure to call your insurance company as soon as your vehicle gets damaged in an accident.

What All is Not Included Under a Consumables Cover?

Following are the rules and norms of other car insurance claims, the consumable coverage requires a valid driving license along with the insurance papers. These are certain situations in which a car owner cannot file for coverage:

  1. Drivers should not be driving under the influence of any intoxicants.
  2. Drivers should not drive a private vehicle for a commercial purpose.
  3. Normal mechanical or electrical breakdown are not covered.
  4. Regular wear and tear of consumable parts are not covered.
  5. Any delay in informing the insurance company in time will not give coverage.

Should I Opt For a Consumable Cover?

To answer this question in a better way, let us take an example so as to understand the scenario in detail. Suppose you are driving your car down to your office and your car gets involved in an accident. Now your car requires an estimated amount of INR 15,000. The own damage segment of the comprehensive car insurance only pays for the repair worth INR 12,000 and the remaining INR 3,000 have to be financed from your pocket. But by getting the add-on of a consumable coverage, you need not worry about paying even INR 3,000. Your insurance company will bear the entire amount of INR 15,000. A consumable coverage is a kind of enhancement to your comprehensive car insurance policy.

Who Should Opt For a Consumable Cover?

This add-on plan is an ideal car insurance add-on for the following:

  1. Cars not aged above five years.
  2. A car owner who does not wish to incur small amounts like the cost of replacing engine oil, etc.
  3. A car owner does not want to bother about trivial repairs and replacement.

What Supporting Documents are Needed For Claim Settlement Of Consumable Expenses?

Your insurance company has your insurance report and car details, so to proceed for a consumable coverage claim you must submit all the bills and receipts of repairs. The repairing of your car must be done in the enlisted network garages provided by your insurance company. Repairing your vehicle in haste in local garages, without any prior intimidation to your insurance company can ultimately render your insurance claim invalid. Hence, informing the insurance company is significant in settling claims for consumable coverage.

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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