Tools to Help in Opting for the Best Health Insurance Policy

Published On 03 Apr 2019 By Gunjan Anand

Tips to choose the best health insurance plan

In the current scenario, people are becoming more and more health conscious. This isn’t just their choice but a need of the hour too, that has risen due to imbalance lifestyle and polluted atmosphere in the surrounding. Health insurance is one such option, which allows people to keep themselves healthy and recover from illness with routines checkups, advanced treatments, and proper medications. 

Understanding the need for different people, various companies are offering lucrative plans pertaining to health insurance. Some provide cashless medical facility while some give the reimbursement treatment, medicines, transport, etc. Thus, it has become necessary to have a complete understanding of some factors of the plan before opting for a plan. Here are some significant points that one need to pay heed for finalizing a policy:

Policy coverage 
Before choosing a health insurance policy, it is good to comprehend as what will be covered in the scheme and what would not. This includes a check to ensure if the arrangement will be covering the existing sicknesses, accident-related costs, daycare methods, maternity costs, and so on. Having gone through a thorough inspection, pick the one that provides you and your family a sufficient coverage. 

Apart from understanding the coverage of a health insurance plan, it is also essential to think about the exclusions. The common types of exclusions are imprinted in the policy report that you need to read properly to pick the apt insurance plan for your family. Some famous exclusions are Dental procedures, Pregnancy care, Cosmetic treatments, and so on.  You may also like to read: Find the most common exclusions of a health insurance plan 

Co-pay option 
Under the health insurance policy, policyholders have the choice to opt for co-pay method. With this element, when a claim is made, and if the insured has chosen co-pay feature, the pre-agreed percentage of the amount is paid by the insurer, and the remaining is borne by the insured. This arrangement won't affect the sum assured. So, it is good to confirm as if co-pay approach is available or not. 

Waiting period 
Waiting periods can go from two years to five years, depending upon the health insurance plan. Thus, it is important to be considered. If you have a previous medicinal condition which you require prompt cover for, it is good to choose a policy with a short waiting period. Thus, it is perfect to buy a plan at a young age, so one can easily pass the waiting period. You may also like to read: Want to get your PED conditions covered? Here's a list of plans with low waiting period.

Claim procedure 
It is great to read about the cashless hospitalisation process and the repayment claim process with the goal that you are very much prepared to take the correct choices at the time of medical emergency. 

Network of hospitals
One must be acquainted with the list of hospitals provided by the insurer to be able to reach there on time in the case of medical need. Losing out on the names may snatch the opportunity to avail the policy benefits of cashless or reimbursed treatment. It is better to select the policy with a larger network of hospitals. 

The most challenging task before buying a health insurance plan is to have access to the complete and correct information about the plans and providers. For this, provides a platform to get all the relevant information and provides assistance to compare different health insurance policies. Thus, evaluate these factors with us and ensure a healthy future for yourself and your family.

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