Tools to Help in Opting for the Best Health Insurance Policy

Published On 16 Apr 2019 By Gunjan Anand

Tips to choose the best health insurance plan

As time has progressed, people are becoming increasingly health-conscious. This is a direct result of elevated levels of stress owing to heightened competition, pollution, adulteration in food and water, erratic lifestyles and eating habits, and other such conditions. In light of these facts, health insurance is no longer a choice but a necessity. It acts as a safety net that empowers people to remain healthy through regular health checks, get top class treatment for any ailment, and get proper medication from reputed hospitals. 

Insurance companies today offer several beneficial health plans, with possible variations to ensure that the varying needs of a large number of people and families are covered. The benefits range from cashless medical hospitalization and treatment, reimbursement of medical expenses and transportation, and more. However, it remains the responsibility of those seeking insurance to read and consider aspects of several insurance plans before opting for a particular one. Following are some of the tips to choose the best health insurance plan – one that will serve the needs and requirements of the insured. 

Policy Coverage

It is imperative to examine the exact coverage provided by health insurance policies thoroughly. This encompasses checking for coverage for - pre-existing illnesses, accident-related costs, daycare expenses cover, maternity costs, and others. Only by making a comprehensive check and comparison should one buy a health insurance plan ensuring that it provides optimal cover for all those to be insured.


The common mistake most people make is focusing only on plan coverage while ignoring the exclusions that all insurers do have in place. The exclusions are part of the fine print in policy documents, and therefore, it is necessary for all to read the documents carefully and pick the most appropriate plan. Some of the most common exclusions in plans are dental procedures, pregnancy-related expenses, treatments that classify as cosmetic, and other such. Please read this link to learn more: Find the most common exclusions of a health insurance plan 

Co-pay Option

Policyholders may opt for the co-pay method under their health insurance policy. As per this feature, at the time of a claim, a pre-agreed percentage of the total sum is paid by the insurer while the remaining would need to be paid by the insured. While this feature does not affect the sum assured, it is sensible to always check whether this option is available. 

Waiting Period 

Depending on the health insurance plan, waiting periods for insurance cover could be from two to five years. It is important, therefore, to carefully consider the waiting period when buying health insurance, especially if the insured has a previous medical condition, which would require an instant cover. It would make sense to choose a policy with a shorter waiting period, and thus, it is better to buy insurance plans when one is younger, so as to circumvent the waiting period. You may also like to read: Want to get your PED conditions covered? Here's a list of plans with low waiting period.

Claim Procedure

It is imperative to read the terms and conditions and the repayment claim process. It becomes a lot easier to make the right choice with regard to the most appropriate insurance policy for all the insured during the time of medical emergency. 

Network of Hospitals

Checking the list of network hospitals is necessary to ensure that hospitalization is done in one of these hospitals. Approaching one of these hospitals will provide cashless hospitalization and treatment, and also reimbursement of treatment costs. It is prudent to choose an insurer who has a wide range of network hospitals associated with it.

While choosing the right insurance plan is important, it does not have to be challenging. Some effort and reading are required to ensure that one has complete and accurate information about insurance providers and policies. is a comprehensive and knowledgeable platform that provides the necessary and complete information about insurers and insurance policies. Peruse the site to gain access to all this information to ensure a healthy future for yourself and your family.

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